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Where did that Class come from?

Too many times I watched the logs trying to understand why I got the NoSuchMethodError. I sometimes get it with other derivatives of IncompatibleClassChangeError (AbstractMethodError, IllegalAccessError, InstantiationError, NoSuchFieldError) but NoSuchMethodError is the most common one.

The reason for this error is simple – the class you want to use is not the one being loaded at run time. This can be another version of the third party that finds its way to the classpath, or some old copy of your class. The problem is usually pin-pointing where it got from.

For that I have a simple solution – which unfortunately requires some code modification.
All you need to do is add these lines to your code (modify slightly) and you will get the result:

String className = classYouWantToFind.getName();
String classFileRelativePath = className.replace('.', '/') +  ".class";
java.net.URL classFileUrl = this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResource(classFileRelativePath);
System.out.println(className + " comes from [" + classFileUrl.toString() + "]");

This code asks the ClassLoader of the currently running object to find the .class representing the class you are looking for. Since the class loader searches for resources in the same order as it does for classes – it should find the correct one.

You can see a live example of this code on IDE One.

Note: You can always get this result by adding the -verbose:class VM argument – but this will get you verbose output of every class in the system.

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