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Personalizing your connection to QA/Production environments with SecureCRT

January 6, 2014 Leave a comment

The trouble with production/QA environments is that you can rarely change them to fit you personal preferences, and usually you use a common user to access them.
If you are working on Windows and using SecureCRT to connect to Linux/Unix machines (and if not – ask yourself why …) you can personalize any connection to QA/Production environments by telling SecureCRT to perform automatic login activities – this without effecting how the machine behaves for other users.
By personalization I am referring to the definition of your personal aliases etc.

How to do it:

  1. Download this VBScript to your computer, and place it somewhere (e.g. C:\Utils\SecureCRT\Scripts)
  2. Find a connection you want to effect in SecureCRT and open it’s properties
  3. Navigate to Connection -> Logon Actions
  4. Check the Logon script checkbox and type the path to the file defined at the beginning (e.g. C:\Utils\SecureCRT\Scripts\EnvironmentPersonalizer.vbs)

Every time you login – SecureCRT will run that script.

What the script does:
The way this scripts works is that it waits for something to happen on the screen and then sends commands.

objTab.Screen.WaitForString("$")   // Wait for the prompt
objTab.Screen.Send "bash" & vbcr   // Switch to a BASH shell
objTab.Screen.Send "clear" & vbcr   // clear the screen
objTab.Screen.Send "alias ll='ls -lart'" & vbcr   // Alias 'll' to be 'ls –lart' 

You can find a few more utility scripts on my Github Repository –

Note: Take great care when effecting anything on production environments – don’t do anything that will effect how the environment behaves for other people (like changing the .bash_profile for example)

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