I often encounter websites which are worth remembering and want to keep them bookmarked – but I don’t have much to say about them – this page will be used to hold links to such websites.

  • CS Animated – A great resource for understanding algorithms and data structures
  • Stack Overflow – A software development forum I’m active on where you can get or provide advice about almost anything related to software development. Some of the world’s leading developers are actively participating in this forum.
  • Groovy – A scripting language based on the JVM. Its JDK is good to have standing by.
  • Code Academy – A great site for learning how to program even if you have no software development training or understanding. Specifically focused on WEB technologies. It is also good for experienced developers who don’t have WEB knowledge (although the learning pace will be too slow for most)
  1. December 6, 2012 at 17:49

    Hi Ron,

    There is post by you on SOF in which you have suggested using WsdlProjectPro instead of WsdlProject to load composite projects. (Post :

    I am facing the same problem and I am using the WsdlProjectPro. The WsdlProjectPro’s constructor looks for an xml file which is not available in the composite project. I tried specifying the root folder for the composite project still I am getting issues in loading the composite project, Would you please tell me what exactly did you specify to load this composite project through WsdlProjectPro ?

    It will be a great help. Thanks.

    • December 9, 2012 at 11:58

      Hi Dakshata,

      Thank you for your comment – though it is a bit off topic.

      Your issue probably requires further investigation and the best recommendation I can give you is to post your question on SO.

      In short – all I needed to do is to write this code:

      SoapUI.setSoapUICore(new SoapUIProCore(true, null));
      WsdlProjectPro project = new WsdlProjectPro(projectAbsolutePath);

      Perhaps what you are missing is the 1st line.

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